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Great attention to detail, hard working, really nice team. Dave did an amazing job on a few different items on my BMW. Definitely would recommend this shop for any of your needs. Thank you
— Kevin L. Google Review
I would have to say this is the best tint shop in Raleigh!! GREAT customer service! I had the "lack out" package done to my Lexus and it came out like a limited edition! I can sure agree to the fact that my car received "the five star treatment". Highly recommend for my friends and others! Naz was also great at the customer service promotion!!
— Alex G. Google Review
David is knowledgeable about what he does. 5 stars skills and he's also an artist, he always know what gonna look good and what don't. Even if you want to make some changes on your car but still don't know exactly what you want, give him a call or just come and visit the shop, David gonna walk you through all the best ideas; and he always has the best price in the area!
— Bravin D. Google Review
David was super friendly and did an excellent job on my Charger. He was busy (which was a good sign) and even stayed past his closing time to finish my car. Waiting area was very nice with Netflix to entertain customers.
— Craig W. Yelp Review
Thank you!!!! I made my decision to go to 5 Star Design Window Tinting & Graphics, based on the previous reviews, and I'm glad I did.  David did an excellent job on my Nissan Altima. It's truly appreciated.  He also suggested another company where I can get a good deal on tires.  It's truly appreciated.   I'm considering getting my wheels dipped now. Thanks again!!!
— Toni L. Yelp Review
Where to even begin.

My experience with David was nothing but spectacular. I brought my BMW 335i convertible in to get tinted and not only did David do amazing work he was extremely helpful in other aspects.

I am not originally from North Carolina and I have not procured a relationship with a mechanic or car shop down here yet. When I brought my car in, David was nice enough to go through all the details with me and give me recommendations for places to get other work done to my car (custom exhaust, specifically)

Additionally, I am not mechanically inclined at all. I am an accountant and I had asked David if he could spare a minute after tinting my windows to throw on some new wiper blades I bought for my car. No surprise, I bought the wrong ones but David left me a note in my car and pointed me in the direction of where I could get the correct ones. He also washed my wheels because they had accumulated break dust and I hadn't washed my car in a while. :-X

Not only is David the real deal, he's also a great person. Thanks buddy!
— Kyle B. Yelp Review
Dave did a great job! He removed my illegal tints and replaced them to pass inspection.... they look perfect. He even did a quick rinse on my car since it had been awhile since it had been washed. Even though the job was a little more work than he had anticipated, he stuck to the original quote. I definitely recommend 5 Star Design! Just be sure to make arrangements to drop off your car and pick it up later in the day because the set-up is not conducive to waiting. Also, if you pay in cash he gives a discount.
— Britany L. Yelp Review

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